Replacing the Front Spoiler: 1984 to 1996

Time: 2 Hours

Tools: Sockets and screwdrivers

Talent: (3)

Applicable Years: 1984 to 1996

Tools: ¼-inch drive socket set and metric combination wrenches

Tab: $100

Tip: You don’t have to replace the entire spoiler. Remember it comes in three pieces. The way these spoilers get abused you might want to consider doing one section each year. That way you wouldn’t be spending a lot money and your car would always look decent.

Performance Gain: Improved radiator flow may help the car run a little cooler on the highway. They don’t have much effect on local driving.

Complementary Work: If you have an overheating problem, it’s probably because of a lot of dirt is trapped between the radiator and the air conditioning condensor. Broken spoilers usually won’t cause your Corvette to overheat.

The front spoiler on the C4 Corvette will be the bane of your existence. If you keep your 1984 to 1996 Corvette long enough you’ll go through several of these spoilers. No matter how careful you might be this spoiler is going to scrape the pavement at some time.


Clutch Hydraulics on the 1984 to 1996 Corvette

Time: 3 Hours

Tools: 3/8” drive Metric sockets, box end and flare nut wrenches, GM hydraulic clutch fluid and vinyl hose.

Talent: (3)

Applicable Years: 1984 to 1996

Tab: $150

Tip: Replace both the master and slave units at the same time

When the 1984 Corvette was introduced it used a totally different system for working the clutch. Previously the Corvette had used a series of rods and pivots to connect the clutch to the clutch pedal.  Suddenly the Corvette had a hydraulic system. Nothing really new here since this hydraulic clutch actuation system had been used on other cars for a long time. (more…)

Automatic Transmission Service for the 1984 to 1996 Corvette

Time: 1 hours

Tools: 3/8” drive metric sockets

Talent: (4)

Applicable Years: 1984 to 1996

Tab: $50.00

Tip: Make sure you ask a lot questions before you let a shop tear into your transmission. The expense is great and a lot of things can happen to your car while it’s in the shop. Make sure you find a top quality shop. The quality of the work is going to be a lot more important that final price.

Complementary Work: If you’re considering the installation of a shift kit in your automatic keep in mind that you’ll also be changing the fluid and filter at that time.

If you own a 1984 to 1996 Corvette you probably have an automatic transmission. Most Corvette owners prefer the automatic transmissions to the manual transmission. This means that most of you reading this article have an automatic transmission in your Corvette. (more…)

Servicing the Overdrive on the 4+3 Transmission

Time: 1 hour

Tools: Drain pain, sockets and 3/8” torque wrench

Talent: (3)

Applicable Years: 1984 to 1988

Tab: $45.00

Tip: Treat this job the same way you would treat changing the fluid and filter with an automatic transmission. You’ll probably end up making just as big a mess on your garage floor.

Complementary Work: As long as you have a mess on your garage floor you might as well change the gear oil inside the 4-speed part of the transmission.

The overdrive unit was simply hung off the back of the 4-speed transmission. In a great many ways the overdrive was very similar to the old two-speed Powerglide. This particular overdrive unit was originally designed for the Jeep CJ-7 and CJ-5. Chevrolet was working on such a tight deadline for the fourth generation Corvette that there was no time to develop a new unit specifically for the Corvette. (more…)

The LT1 Opti-Spark Distributor

Time: 2 hours

Tools: A Visa card with a large credit line.

Talent: (4)

Applicable Years: 1992 to 1996

Tab: $500 to $1,000

Tip: Don’t ever let any water get in the area of the Opti-Spark if you detail your engine compartment.

Complementary Work: This would be a good time to install new spark plug wires. Spark plug wires on the LT1 are a major effort. It usually takes around four hours. I would install the new Opti-Spark and when you’re sure the engine runs properly get started on the spark plugs and the spark plug wires.

This new Opti-Spark distributor was supposed to be the greatest thing since GM did away with ignition points. Instead there was an internal mistake and the Opti-Spark caused Corvette owners a tremendous amount of aggravation. (more…)