Items Posted April 2008

C4 (84-96)

C4 Fuel Injection Overview

By Chris Petris Speed density was the first fuel control system used on 1982-1984 Corvettes. It was also used on the 1990-1993 cars. Speed density uses a manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP sensor) to calculate the necessary fuel load. The 1990-1991 cars have a MAP sensor bolted directly to the intake plenum. The 1992-1993 cars… Read more »

C2 (63-67)

C2 & C3 Troubleshooting

By Chris Petris The most important tool to use when troubleshooting is a good memory or notes. If necessary, write down as much information as possible. This will help compile a troubleshooting notebook. A factory service manual is an invaluable tool when diagnosing problems. A road test is very important and notes should be taken… Read more »

C4 (84-96)

C4 Interior Overview

By Chris Petris The C-4 interior is comprised mostly of plastic. The 1984-1989 dash carrier is made entirely of plastic. All of the plastic dash fascia can be damaged quite easily just by over-tightening the screws. I use a screwdriver or a clutch-operated power screwdriver. When using a clutch-operated screwdriver, be sure to use the… Read more »

C1 (53-62)

Corvette Glossary of Terms

For your convenience, the following is a glossary of terms commonly used in the Corvette community. ABS Anti-lock Braking System.  Sensors monitor wheel rotation and prevent wheel lockup during braking by modulating hydraulic pressure. ASR Acceleration Slip Regulation A-Pillar The post section between the door glass and the windshield. B-Pillar The pillar between the door… Read more »