Items Posted December 2009

C2 (63-67)

C2 Production Numbers

This week we’ll continue our Corvette production numbers series with a look at the “mid-years”, those cars produced between 1963 and 1967. These cars are the first Corvettes to feature independent rear suspension, optional 4-wheel disc brakes, a big-block engine option and the use of the “Stingray” designation, among other innovations. Their limited production years… Read more »

C2 (63-67)

N11 C2 & C3 Off-Road Exhaust Development Video

Watch an overview of the development for Corvette Central’s exclusive N11 off-road exhaust system, which was developed along with Waldron’s Antique Exhaust. This system replicates the N11 off-road option that was available for 1963-68 Corvettes, and is an officially licensed GM Restoration Part. Additional details and ordering info can be found here: C2 C3

C1 (53-62)

C1 Production Numbers

Over the next few weeks we’ll be reviewing total factory production numbers for all generations of Corvette.  We’ll kick it off with the much-coveted straight axle cars, the C1 Corvettes. TOTAL69,015 Model Year Coupe Convertible Hardtop Total 1953 300 300 1954 3640 3640 1955 700 700 1956 3467 3467 1957 6339 6339 1958 9168 9168… Read more »