Items Posted December 2009

C2 (63-67)

C2 Production Numbers

This week we’ll continue our Corvette production numbers series with a look at the “mid-years”, those cars produced between 1963 and 1967. These cars are the first Corvettes to feature independent rear suspension, optional 4-wheel disc brakes, a big-block engine option and the use of the “Stingray” designation, among other innovations. Their limited production years… Read more »

C2 (63-67)

N11 C2 & C3 Off-Road Exhaust Development Video

Watch an overview of the development for Corvette Central’s exclusive N11 off-road exhaust system, which was developed along with Waldron’s Antique Exhaust.  This system replicates the N11 off-road option that was available for 1963-68 Corvettes, and is an officially licensed GM Restoration Part. Additional details and ordering info can be found here: C2 C3