Meet the Grille Teeth that Started It All


In the near future we’ll be showcasing some Corvette parts that we manufacture at our facility in Sawyer, Michigan.  But for now, here’s a little history on our first parts ever offered by Corvette Central: the 1953-60 grille teeth.  Company founder Jerry Kohn: “Our first parts were grille teeth for the 1953-60.  To know why this was more complex than it sounds, you have to know a little bit about the 1953-60.  There were five different size teeth for the grille.  But Chevrolet did what they normally did to service parts like this…they made three basic sizes (center, tooth #4 and tooth #1, but not teeth #5 and #6).  This is what they catalogued as service parts.  Well, of course they weren’t right and if you had to replace an entire grille it just wouldn’t look right. (more…)

LS Engine Swap for C4 Corvettes


The following is an engine swap workshop guide that was produced by Chris Petris ( in cooperation with Corvette Central, with assistance from Jared Ochs of Current Performance (, and Chris McDonald of Developed in conjunction with GM Performance, Corvette Enthusiast, TCI, Holley and Vette Brakes & Products. Photo credit: Chris McDonald.

We will share with you our experience in upgrading our 1985 project Corvette to a 2007 LS2 with a 4L60E automatic transmission. Our workshop includes discussion of some common tools needed, modifications necessary, fabrication required, and part numbers for the components to complete the swap. Many of the considerations to complete the swap into a C4 would also be pertinent to other generations. (more…)