Items Posted April 2010

C5 (97-04)

C5 Production Numbers

This week we’re reviewing production numbers for the C5 Corvette, produced between 1997-2004. The development of this car and the engineers and stylists behind it are discussed in the book All Corvettes Are Red, a must-read for any C5 fan. The C5 continued GM’s mission to constantly improve every aspect of performance, quality and functionality… Read more »

C4 (84-96)

C4 Production Numbers

Next up in our Corvette Production Numbers series are the C4 cars.  By the time 1982 rolled around, the C3 Corvette was 14 years old and the chassis that it was based on dated back to 1963.  Needless to say, a lifetime for a chassis and body style.  The Corvette team at GM was well… Read more »