Items Posted October 2010

Corvette Central

Corvette Exhaust: From Headers to Mufflers

CC part # 325159 Corvette owners are fortunate to have plentiful options when it comes to choosing an exhaust system.  From headers to mufflers, you can be confident that your goals of optimal performance or mesmerizing sound can be reached.  Our product assistance reps field many questions on the exhaust systems we sell.  Based on… Read more »

C4 (84-96)

Why Cut Up a C4 Corvette?

When the fourth generation Corvette was introduced in 1984, many innovative build techniques were implemented.  Early Corvette amenities were becoming standard equipment while new options filled every available inch of dash space.  The 1984-1989 C4 dash had more modules and controllers to integrate behind an already tight dash area.  1990-1996 Corvettes added more modules along… Read more »

C2 (63-67)

1963-64 Disc Brake Upgrade Hood Clearance Solution

For a lot of our 1963-64 Corvette customers, upgrading to 4-wheel disc brakes (our kit for 1963 here, 1964-65 here) is a no-hassle solution for improved braking performance. However, we’ve received information from some customers who have installed our kit on their Corvettes stating that there may be interference between the 9″ power booster and… Read more »