1984-1996 Corvette Cooling Fan Control Modifications

By Chris Petris

Illustration by Chris Petris

A common question asked among C4 Corvette owners is “why does my engine run so hot?  The cooling fans do not come on until the coolant temperature is way too hot”.

Federal regulations required high operating temperatures to keep idle emissions at their designated levels.  The oxygen sensor works more efficiently at high exhaust temperatures promoting less fuel usage and emissions.  For this reason, we recommend using a minimum 180 degree thermostat and turning on the cooling fans at the 200-205 degree range.  1984 Corvettes will have the most noticeable improvement, as the factory cooling fan setting is 238 degrees.  Lower temperatures will work at the expense of fuel mileage. (more…)

Introducing Correct C2 & C3 Motor Mounts from Corvette Central

Corvette Central is pleased to introduce correct motor mounts for C2 and C3 Corvettes, available in both locking and non-locking versions.
Until now, quality reproduction motor mounts were impossible to find for C2 and C3 Corvettes. The mounts that are available in parts stores and warehouses do not approach the original factory mounts in terms of material thickness, particularly in critical areas that are most susceptible to flex under load. Our mounts address these issues, providing our customer with the most correct appearing and performing mounts on the market today.


Corvette Central “no drone” dual outlet mufflers for 1984-1990 Corvettes.

Corvette Central is pleased to introduce our exclusive correct sounding dual outlet mufflers for the 1984-1990 Corvette.  These are manufactured and welded in USA by Corvette Central (cases are manufactured in Canada).

On the original 1984-1990 dual-outlet muffler, the inner outlet tube is for appearance only, and is blocked off.  With our design, the outer outlet tube is open, but the inner outlet tube is connected to a small diameter resonance tube.  This design provides the correct sound and quietness of the original design without the annoying low-RPM drone. (more…)

New window regulators for C1 and C2 Corvettes

Corvette Central is pleased to introduce manual and power window regulators for 1956-62 and 1963-67 Corvettes. These exclusive regulators are produced to original factory specifications, resulting in fit and function that is identical to the original regulators. Suitable for judging, their movement and range have been engineered with performance verification in mind.

The original 1956-62 and 1963-67 manual window regulators were serviced as an assembly, and no individual parts were ever produced by GM. Repeated window use over the years results in a worn mechanism that will have sloppy engagement and movement. These new regulators effectively eliminate the need for refurbishing your originals.