C5 & C6 Corvette Clutch Installation

Depending on the driving style of the owner, manual transmission clutches can be subjected to a lot of abuse.  An owner can wear the disc linings out in just a few days or even within hours.  How quickly the clutch pedal is released determines how long the clutch disc will last.  Those with a tendency to let the clutch out slowly or leave slight pressure on the clutch pedal clutch disc will experience rapid clutch wear.  Living in mountainous areas also works the clutch assembly harder, as owners are fighting the forces of gravity when attempting to roll away from a stop going uphill.

Choosing the correct clutch assembly is important for long life and driving ease.  This is especially true if plans are made to increase power or frequent the local drag strips (road racing or Gymkhana events are not as rough on the clutch assembly). (more…)