C2 & C3 Corvette ride height guide

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of all available ride heights for 1964-1982 Corvettes, taken from their respective Assembly Instruction Manuals.

Notice that the measurements get simpler as the years progress. The early years are very thorough, including how various options will affect ride height. The later years? Not so much.

Measurements are curb measurements, meaning that oil, coolant and gas are at full capacities. (more…)

1968-82 Corvette Door Glass Service



As iconic as they are, 1968-82 Corvettes tend to have issues with their windows, and if they are neglected, major trouble and leakage will probably occur.  In short, C3 doors and window glass require periodic service.  If it has been more than 10 years since any major work has been performed, restoration is the best plan to assure proper window operation.


Roller and guide wear will occur over time, leaving the glass shaking in the wind and possibly damaging the glass or body.  On a positive note, the quality of restoration materials has improved greatly.  Today’s weatherstrips are very close to factory fit and density, allowing them to seal the windows correctly.  Corvette Central evaluates and provides critical feedback to their vendors, with the result being the best window seals currently on the market.


Door glass must roll up and down consistently in the same position to ensure a good seal. Regardless of weatherstrip quality, glass that is loose and poor fitting will cause leaks. (more…)