1968-1982 Patriot Header and Exhaust System Install

Original small block “rams horn” exhaust manifolds (produced up to 1979) can be said to flow efficiently.  Their flow may not be optimal, but they are better than many of the original equipment manifolds. The idea is to reduce back-pressure while tuning the flowing exhaust gases. The center exhaust ports on the OE cast iron manifolds dump into a rectangular box that the outer cylinder exhaust gases flow into. This mixing of exhaust gases so close to the cylinder head and exhaust valves hurt engine performance from lack of flow.


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C5 Z06 Reproduction Mesh Grilles

Have a C5 Z06 in need of replacement mesh grilles, but can’t find any that will utilize the OEM mounting holes?  Our new C5 Z06 reproduction mesh grilles take functionality a step further with the addition of mounting tabs.

Where other manufacturers versions (pictured above on right) simply add double stick tape, our versions (pictured on left with arrows) go the extra mile with true mounting tabs just like on the originals.  The result is mesh grilles that will work on all C5 Corvettes, including the Z06.

Get your set today!  Part # 335120.

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Introducing Corvette Central Performance

Corvette Central is proud to introduce a new online catalog developed exclusively for Corvette performance enthusiasts: Corvette Central Performance.

Corvette Central was established in 1975 to provide Corvette owners with uncompromised quality parts and accessories for every Corvette.  While we will never stray from that mission, we are always striving to better meet the demands of every type of Corvette owner, including those who want to attain improved performance from their already potent cars.   Our team of performance specialists has developed a catalog of the most innovative performance products available for all Corvettes, from C1 to C6.

Customers searching our online catalog will recognize some formidable performance part manufacturers, including Pfadt Racing, Kooks Custom Headers, Air Flow Research, Callaway and many more.  From simple upgrades to thoroughly researched and developed performance packages; from exhaust and electronics to superchargers and suspension, Corvette Central Performance will be able to meet the demands of this ever-evolving group of enthusiasts.

In addition to one of the most comprehensive performance parts catalog inventories in existence, we have developed Corvette Central Performance to be a technical reference center for Corvette owners.  We have partnered with journalist/Corvette guru Chris Petris and SCCA champion Corvette racing driver Danny Kellermeyer to bring you exclusive and frequent technical how-to articles and advice for maximizing the performance on your car.  We will continue to add new features to Corvette Central Performance as it evolves.

We invite you to visit and bookmark www.CorvettePerformance.com today.

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1965-1982 Corvette Wilwood Disc Brake Caliper Replacement

1965-1982 Corvette disc brake systems were a major technological advancement at their onset. The C2/C3 Corvette design utilized “fixed” disc brake calipers. This same “fixed” design disc brake caliper was used on GMs other than Corvette high performance vehicle line-up in limited quantities during 1965-1968. When disc brakes became commonplace in 1969, “floating disc brake calipers” were used. Floating calipers slide on a ways system, repositioning the caliper as the disc pad wears. This sliding or floating caliper proved to be a good thing, allowing for discrepancies that the fixed caliper would not compensate for. From 1969 on, the majority of vehicle manufacturers used floating disc brake calipers for easy serviceability, while GM utilized the early style fixed calipers on the Corvette until 1982. There was a J56 brake option for the fixed disc brake calipers consisting of heavy duty semi-metallic pads and two pins to retain the pads. In addition Inconel steel reinforcements were placed on the caliper mounts to the spindle to prevent caliper flexing under severe braking. Good stuff but hard on brake rotors you can expect to replace more rotors than the unique J56 disc brake pads. Another downside was the J56 brake option required heat to build before they worked well and with less effort. (more…)

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