2005-11 Corvette cabin air filter replacement


The C6 Corvette has many features to aid in the comfort of the driver, and this makes the car an ideal long distance or daily driving vehicle.  As a result, many C6 Corvettes are put into daily use, and they require more maintenance than cars that see occasional weekend duty.

The engine air filter is usually high on the list for inspection.  The car should be able to breathe freely for optimal performance and fuel economy.  But what about the driver?

Fear not, Chevrolet has included a cabin air filter (486113) in C6 Corvettes for this very reason.  But to say it gets overlooked during routine maintenance is an understatement.  Replacement of this filter is easy.


2011 Corvette World Tribute videos

For your enjoyment, below are some videos we captured while attending the 2011 Corvette World Tribute.

The event, coordinated in conjunction with the Registry of Corvette Race Cars (RCRC), took place August 21, 2011 at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.  Over 40 significant racing Corvettes were present (including the Corvette C6.Rs that raced the previous day in the American Le Mans event), along with noted racing drivers including Tony DeLorenzo, Bob Bondurant, Dick Guldstrand and many others.  Enjoy!



Corvette Central Project Split Mod: Part I

Corvette projects are something many car guys consider doing at some point in the future. Some enjoy just being a part of any restoration project, watching the process from conception to completion. Corvette Central has been a huge part of the restoration hobby for many years and has been instrumental in manufacturing previously discontinued Corvette parts. One of their specialties is exhaust systems that they manufacture in house. The exhaust kits are ready to go with all the factory bends and original looks. With the myriad of parts available, Corvette Central wanted an opportunity to show customers what they supply in person. What better way than to have rolling live Corvette projects on display? This is where Chris Petris and the guys at Corvette Central come together.


Introducing Correct C1 Push-Down Antennas from Corvette Central

Corvette Central is pleased to introduce correct push-down antennas for C1 Corvettes, available in three versions: 1956-58 (early), 1958 (late)-60 and 1961-62.  Our new assemblies not only reflect the attention to detail that judges are looking for during shows, but our dedication to producing the highest quality parts possible.  As an example, the antenna tips on all three versions of our C1 antennas are identical to factory specifications.

161021 (1956-1958E) (more…)

C4 Corvette Cutaway Car Parts Gallery

When the fourth generation Corvette was introduced in 1984, many innovative build techniques were implemented. Early Corvette amenities were becoming standard equipment while new options filled every available inch of dash space. The 1984-1989 C4 dash had more modules and controllers to integrate behind an already tight dash area. 1990-1996 Corvettes added more modules along with airbags to the already restricted dash space. (more…)