2005-2013 Corvette Cabin Air Filter Replacement

The C6 Corvette has many features to aid in the comfort of the driver, and this makes the car an ideal long distance or daily driving vehicle.  As a result, many C6 Corvettes are put into daily use, and they require more maintenance than cars that see occasional weekend duty.

The engine air filter is usually high on the list for inspection.  The car should be able to breathe freely for optimal performance and fuel economy.  But what about the driver?

Fear not, Chevrolet has included a cabin air filter (486113) in C6 Corvettes for this very reason.  But to say it gets overlooked during routine maintenance is an understatement.  Replacement of this filter is easy.

The cabin air filter in located above the battery inside the firewall. There are 3 spring clips on the top of the cover, immediately below the weather seal.

Lift the springs and remove the hatch.  Pull gently on each side of the filter.  It is a tight fit, but it will gradually work its way out.

The filter is almost completely outside of the housing in this image.  Note that the dirty side of the filter is facing upwards.  There are also markings indicating direction on the side of the filter element.

A closer inspection reveals that it is time for replacement.  This filter is full of dust, debris and probably pollen.  To install the new filter, reverse the steps above.

4 thoughts to “2005-2013 Corvette Cabin Air Filter Replacement”

  1. My 2005 Corvette makes noises under the dash when the car is turned off. It sounds like servo motors running on and off about every 10 minutes. The car hasn’t been driven in about three days but I did open and close the door. I was in the garage for about 45 minutes and could hear it happening.

  2. I was replacing the battery last week and I hit a spring clip that went “flying” and could not be found. Do you know the part number or where can I buy that spring clip?

    1. We don’t currently stock the spring clip you’re looking for, but if you call 800-345-4122 and ask for product assistance, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

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