Corvette Central issues recall for faulty fuel pump flex lines


Corvette Central has issued a recall for two fuel pump flex lines that were PURCHASED AFTER 8/30/11.  They have the part numbers 351415 and 351144,and are used on 1956-62 Corvettes.  These flex lines may leak due to a faulty crimp on the hose end.  If you purchased one of these products after 8/30/11, please stop using it immediately and contact Corvette Central (800-345-4122) for information on how to return it.

Weatherstrip 101 for C4 Corvettes

Story by Chris McDonald, Auto Enthusiast Magazine, November 2011 (Reprinted with Permission)

There are many reasons why you would consider changing the weatherstripping on your C4. Over time, the rubber breaks down, hardens and cracks, leaving an unpleasant appearance, poor seal, wind noise, and the dreaded drip.

If you own a C4 and actually drive it in the rain, you will eventually experience the dreaded drip, leaving your floor soaked and pant leg soggy. No matter how slick the paint, or well maintained the machine may be, dry, cracked weatherstrip will be the last detail, often overlooked and leaving an otherwise stunning car to just be rather ho-hum. (more…)

GM issues recall for 2011-12 Corvettes over faulty hatch hinges

General Motors has issued a recall for  5,755  2011-12 Corvette coupes for potentially faulty hatch hinges that could break loose in a crash.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the rear hatch hinges on cars built between January and September do not meet federal weight capacity requirements.  The NHTSA campaign ID Number is 11V491000.  GM will notify owners per the comments in the official release below. (more…)