Corvette Central Project Split Mod, Part IV: Engine considerations

Corvette Central’s Split Mod chassis will be headed to the 2012 Corvette Expo (Houston, Texas) in February. To bring you up to speed, the 1963 split-window coupe had no engine or transmission when it was rescued. The severely rotted chassis has been replaced, and now we are working on the drivetrain. Corvette Central had a complete 1986 Corvette convertible L-98 engine and transmission assembly stored away, making it a perfect candidate for Project Split Mod. The 700R4 transmission that was coupled to the L-98 was mothballed to be used for a later project. Gear changes would be transmitted through a Keisler Engineering RS400 five speed overdrive transmission. There were many reasons for the engine choice, other than the fact it was sitting in storage waiting for someone to use it. Aesthetics were a concern, what with all the recent LS engine transplants under the hood of early Corvettes. It made sense to have a traditional look. (more…)

Corvette Online and Project Y2k: Stage 1 & 2 Upgrades

What follows has been reprinted with permission from Corvette Online. Written by Paul Huizenga

For a significant number of Corvette owners, the car as delivered from the factory is as good as it can possibly be – they go to great lengths to preserve originality and maintain their Vette exactly as it was when it sat in the dealer’s showroom. Others take pleasure in customizing their Corvette, extracting more performance wherever possible.

You might guess what category we fall into.

So, as soon as we got Project Y2k in the shop, we rolled it on the dyno to get some baseline numbers, then before the drum on our DynoJet had stopped turning, we had our friends at Corvette Central on the phone. You see, they’ve launched a new performance division, sensibly named Corvette Central Performance, and they’ve got staged upgrade packages lined up for the C5 – a perfect fit! (more…)