1968-82 Corvette Door Hinge Repair, Door Window Seal Installation and WIndow Adjustment

You know it will eventually happen: your C3 Corvette’s door hinges wear out and the resulting alignment issues cause a multitude of problems. Sagging, broken seals, road noise, and water leaks to name a few.

Have you ever wondered how many times you have opened and closed the doors on your Corvette, especially the driver’s side door? It has to be thousands of times and the number only increases as a car ages. Owners used to lube their door hinges at every oil change. As oil change intervals increase and busy schedules ensue, these small but important maintenance tasks are often ignored and will eventually lead to door misalignment problems. (more…)

Pfadt Releases the Latest Corvette Coilover Technology

What follows has been reprinted with permission from Corvette Online. Written by Lindsey Fisher.

Corvette Central part # 575042

The latest and greatest Corvette coilovers have arrived. Offered by Pfadt, the new feather-light, single-adjustable, coilovers have a new design offering many revolutionary components and benefits. If you want the latest technology for your Corvette, look no further than Pfadt for a unique ride.


How to Assemble and Install C2 Corvette Headlights

Even though they are one of the defining characteristics of a C2 Corvette, the repairing or replacing the roll-over headlights can be one of the biggest pains you’ll encounter in restoring a C2. In this video we found on YouTube, the guys from Red Dirt Rodz give us an overview of how to get the job done while keeping your sanity intact.

It’s not uncommon for the headlights to be badly damaged, malfunctioning, or missing altogether in a C2 that needs restoration. Luckily, the aftermarket has just about any parts you might be missing, right down to a complete replacement kit, like the one Red Dirt Rodz picked up from Melrose T-Top for their 67 C2 Roadster. The kit includes every nut, bolt, screw, and hard-to-find component that you literally could spend a lifetime searching for individually from scrap yards or eBay.

Overall, the install is time consuming, and requires quite a bit of forethought, but all in all it’s definitely the type of job the average enthusiast should be able to do themselves. That’s not to say that there aren’t a few “gotcha’s” that you’ll need to watch out for, but luckily having a great video like this from Red Dirt Rodz to walk you through the assembly will make the job much, much easier on you when it comes time to work on the headlights of your own second gen Corvette.

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Article courtesy of Clifton Klaverweiden, Corvette Online (www.corvetteonline.com)