1963-82 Corvette Power Steering Service

Power steering is a mechanical wonder that many of us often take for granted. For some, it is hard to even remember a time without power steering. Today’s systems are cost effective to manufacture and are very reliable with just basic maintenance. It is likely that these systems will remain in place for several more years despite the pressure to continually increase fuel economy.

The power steering system consists of a reservoir, pump, relief valve, control valve, power cylinder, and high/low pressure hoses. The system is effective because of the pressure differential that is created by the power steering pump. A quick explanation of how power steering works is in order. The reservoir supplies the fluid to the pump, which is driven by the engine via belt. The fluid is pressurized and sent to the control valve and the relief valve. When the steering shaft is turned, the control valve sends fluid to the power cylinder and the power cylinder uses a piston to aid in reducing steering effort. (more…)

Corvette Online and Project Y2k: Stage 3 & 4 Upgrades

What follows has been reprinted with permission from Corvette Online. Written by Paul Huizenga

Welcome back to the second and final part of our series on upgrading Project Y2k, our in-house 2000 Corvette, with the help of Corvette Central Performance and their Stage 1-4 kits for the C5. In part one, we installed the Stage 1 and Stage 2 kits, which are comprised of bolt-on intake and exhaust upgrades, along with a flash tuner to maximize the power gains from the hardware improvements.

The stock car’s 317.79 rear wheel horsepower and 334 pound feet on our Dynojet chassis dynomometer netted an eighth-mile time of 8.751 at 80.67. With Stage 1 and 2 installed at the end of Part 1, we had picked up an additional 23 horsepower and 9 pound-feet, and had a new timeslip showing 8.616 at 81.97. That’s not bad for basic bolt-ons and a few hours’ work, but we were eager to move on to Stage 3 and 4 and see how much farther we could go with Project Y2k. (more…)