Items Posted May 2012

C2 (63-67)

Installing a Side Pipe Exhaust System on a C2 Vette

All-American Look For Your Mid-Year Vette Story by Jerry Heasley, Vette Magazine Factory side pipes go on a Vette like a set of pinstripes on Mickey Mantle’s Yankee uniform. The combination just looks right and all-American. Mike remembered side pipes on his ’67 big block coupe. Although that car is long gone, today he owns… Read more »

C5 (97-04)

C5 Horn Switch Fix

  By Chris Petris Petris Enterprises   Do you have a C5 with a horn that no longer functions, or worse, one that blows continuously? Your local GM dealership will probably provide you with a quote of $900+ for an airbag assembly to remedy the problem. That’s a lot of money to fix a horn!… Read more »