1997-2004 Corvette Dash Removal


Tools needed:

Phillips head screwdriver

small flat head screwdriver

small plastic wedge (from auto glass shop)

socket wrench

7mm socket

10mm socket

9/32″ socket

custom tool from heavy gauge wire (see below)

Have your turn signals stopped working? Do you want to replace your factory stereo or add an auxiliary input? Are you having trouble with your A/C control panel or electronic door actuators? These tasks and several others require the dash to be removed (or pretty close). Here is a guide to removing the dash safely without breaking any key components or attaching points. (more…)

1997-04 Corvette Air Conditioning Issues


Spring is just around the corner and as the temperature rises, so does our desire for an A/C system that performs at optimal levels. Although it is still chilly in many areas, now is the time to tackle any pesky A/C issues your C5 may have before the toasty warmth of summer returns. The four most common A/C problems C5 Corvettes experience (aside from low Freon levels) are air delivery problems, temperature control issues, malfunctioning A/C control panels, and compressor failure. (more…)

1997-04 Corvette Skid Plate/Radiator Support Replacement


Tools needed:

  • ratchet or drill
  • 9/32″ or 7mm socket
  • 10mm socket
  • 13mm socket
  • deadman tool
  • small flat head screwdriver
  • pry bar

If you are fond of putting miles on your C5, you will likely need to replace your skid plate/radiator support at some point. The support literally takes a beating. Even the most careful owner can unintentionally come into contact with a parking bumper or bottom out on a speed bump. (more…)