Warning: Possible Gas Leakage with GF48 Fuel Filters

Fuel filter

NOTICE: It has been brought to our attention that there is a possible fuel leakage problem with a small percentage of GF48 fuel filters.  These filters are sold by Corvette Central under part # 351290.

The problem is caused by very small pin holes (porosity) that go through the part (please refer to area in front of black arrow in the image above.  If you have one of these filters on your car, please inspect the cast lid carefully.  If you see any signs of fuel seepage, please contact Corvette Central at 800-345-4122.  If you have not installed the filter, please return it and Corvette Central will test it along with our current inventory.

To return a fuel filter, there is no need to call for authorization. Simply fill out the merchandise return form that is attached to your invoice and enclose it in the box along with the part(s) being returned. Please pack all items securely to avoid damage, using the original packing if possible. It is recommended that you insure the package and retain your receipt of shipment. We will not be responsible for damages incurred on returns due to insufficient packaging.  Ship the package to:

Corvette Central
ATTN: Dave Wieczorek
13550 Three Oaks Road
Sawyer, MI 49125

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