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C3 (68-82)

Steering Wheel Installation

One of the first things you notice when you look at the interior of any car is the steering wheel. Years of handling tends to make them ratty and, frankly, disgusting. A fresh steering wheel almost feels like fitting a good pair of new shoes.

Body & Paint

Sealing a Shark: 1977-1982 Weatherstrip

Using aftermarket weatherstrip pieces in the past, we had to choose either adjusting the windows to seal, or adjusting the windows to roll up and down without the door open. There was no way to do both. ’77 and earlier models used a different style rear vertical weatherstrip that wasn’t solid so it made window… Read more »

C3 (68-82)

C3 Radiator Core Support Installation

The radiator core support has two functions: radiator placement and front end support. Weakened core supports allow the nose of your Corvette to droop, increasing the gap between the upper part of front fender and the door. When that occurs, stress is placed on the inner fenders. Before the core support project begins, a thorough… Read more »

C1 (53-62)

Corvette Central Exhaust Systems Overview, Part I

By Chris Petris Exhaust systems have improved immensely from the early years when we would replace rear exhaust, mufflers and tail-pipes almost yearly on dual exhaust vehicles. Corvettes were no exception.  If they were driven infrequently with rich running engines, it destroyed the carbon steel exhaust tubing quickly. The rear of the exhaust system was… Read more »