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C1 (53-62)

Introducing Correct C1 Push-Down Antennas from Corvette Central

Corvette Central is pleased to introduce correct push-down antennas for C1 Corvettes, available in three versions: 1956-58 (early), 1958 (late)-60 and 1961-62.  Our new assemblies not only reflect the attention to detail that judges are looking for during shows, but our dedication to producing the highest quality parts possible.  As an example, the antenna tips… Read more »

C4 (84-96)

C4 Diagnostic Trouble Codes

By Chris Petris Codes, Codes, Codes… Have you noticed “SYS” intermittently showing up in your 1990-1996 Corvette’s speedometer display?  This means there is a trouble code stored in one of the on-board control modules.  When the 1990 Corvette debuted, GM introduced ECM (Engine Control Module) and CCM (Central Control Module) trouble codes.   In addition, ABS/ASR… Read more »