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Checklist for Summer Cruising

By Chris Petris Let’s face it: summer has officially arrived. If you have not already done so, now is the time to make sure that your Corvette is ready for vacation travel, car shows, and everyday commuting in extreme temperatures. Use this brief guide to ensure that you address all of the major summer maintenance… Read more »

C1 (53-62)

Corvette Central C1 Dash Insert Overview

Ever since they were designed into the 1958 Corvette, passenger side dash inserts have been a somewhat of a headache for Corvette owners. The OEM inserts were subject to damage that the rest of the interior could generally resist. In a short time span, these inserts became dinged, dented or scratched, making the dash of… Read more »

Body & Paint

1968-82 Corvette Door Hinge Repair, Door Window Seal Installation and WIndow Adjustment

  Article and photos by Chris Petris   You know it will eventually happen: your C3 Corvette’s door hinges wear out and the resulting alignment issues cause a multitude of problems. Sagging, broken seals, road noise, and water leaks to name a few.   Have you ever wondered how many times you have opened and… Read more »