Corvette Evolution: From Status Icon to Competent Cruiser


Society often pokes fun at aging, but there are many positives to growing older that are often glossed over. Many types of wines and cheeses are encouraged to age. As a person grows older, they typically do so with increased wisdom and a better understanding of what is important in life. Fine art that was severely undervalued years ago during the artist’s life can be priceless today. We just celebrated the anniversary and amazing transformation of the Corvette over the past 60 years, a sports car that has certainly aged gracefully. (more…)

Corvette Online and Project Y2k: Stage 3 & 4 Upgrades

What follows has been reprinted with permission from Corvette Online. Written by Paul Huizenga

Welcome back to the second and final part of our series on upgrading Project Y2k, our in-house 2000 Corvette, with the help of Corvette Central Performance and their Stage 1-4 kits for the C5. In part one, we installed the Stage 1 and Stage 2 kits, which are comprised of bolt-on intake and exhaust upgrades, along with a flash tuner to maximize the power gains from the hardware improvements.

The stock car’s 317.79 rear wheel horsepower and 334 pound feet on our Dynojet chassis dynomometer netted an eighth-mile time of 8.751 at 80.67. With Stage 1 and 2 installed at the end of Part 1, we had picked up an additional 23 horsepower and 9 pound-feet, and had a new timeslip showing 8.616 at 81.97. That’s not bad for basic bolt-ons and a few hours’ work, but we were eager to move on to Stage 3 and 4 and see how much farther we could go with Project Y2k. (more…)