1997-04 Corvette Air Conditioning Issues


Spring is just around the corner and as the temperature rises, so does our desire for an A/C system that performs at optimal levels. Although it is still chilly in many areas, now is the time to tackle any pesky A/C issues your C5 may have before the toasty warmth of summer returns. The four most common A/C problems C5 Corvettes experience (aside from low Freon levels) are air delivery problems, temperature control issues, malfunctioning A/C control panels, and compressor failure. (more…)

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1997-04 Corvette Skid Plate/Radiator Support Replacement


Tools needed:

  • ratchet or drill
  • 9/32″ or 7mm socket
  • 10mm socket
  • 13mm socket
  • deadman tool
  • small flat head screwdriver
  • pry bar

If you are fond of putting miles on your C5, you will likely need to replace your skid plate/radiator support at some point. The support literally takes a beating. Even the most careful owner can unintentionally come into contact with a parking bumper or bottom out on a speed bump. (more…)

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Corvette Central Deluxe C1 Gas Tank Kit Installation


Written by Jay Heath. Reprinted with permission from Source Interlink, publisher of Vette Magazine.

Original article link: http://www.vetteweb.com/tech/vemp_1303_corvette_central_deluxe_gas_tank_kit/

Time may heal all wounds, but it’s hellishly hard on automobiles. These depredations tend to fall into two categories: those arising from the inevitable effects of the aging process, and those inflicted—whether intentionally or not—by one or more of the vehicle’s owners over the course of its life. While the Corvette’s fiberglass skin confers some measure of immunity to the former, the vintage-Vette market is rife with cars still suffering the effects of poorly executed body modifications and other “custom” work performed throughout the years.

All of which brings us, in admittedly roundabout fashion, to the ’58 model depicted in the accompanying photos. Though outwardly appealing, with a recently re-sprayed Signet Red paintjob and a mostly intact interior, the car bore the unmistakable signs of what might be charitably be described as a “colorful” past. Most notable was the rear suspension, most of whose factory parts had been jettisoned at some point in favor of a kludged-together ladder-bar setup and a nine-inch Detroit Locker rear that shuddered in tight turns like a Kardashian at a geography bee. (more…)

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1984-96 Corvette Chassis Reinforcement

Is your C4 plagued by body flex when you remove the top? This is a common complaint from most C4 owners. Cornering can feel rather uncomfortable with the top removed since the top provides a substantial amount of rigidity to the chassis. Unkempt roadways also cause problems that will eventually lead to squeaks and rattles.

The top is an integral component that helps to stiffen the chassis. When the top is removed the frame no longer is reinforced because the only frame member is below the doors. The door striker is the only other component that could be considered a source of reinforcement, but being such a small item, the support it offers is negligible.

Unfortunately, this lack of support leads to frame and body flexing which translates to ineffective cornering. It also begins to weaken the chassis as a unit. This became very evident in late 1986 when convertibles were introduced. As a result, all C4 convertibles were equipped with an underbody “X” brace. (more…)

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