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C1 (53-62)

Corvette Evolution: From Status Icon to Competent Cruiser

By Chris Petris Society often pokes fun at aging, but there are many positives to growing older that are often glossed over. Many types of wines and cheeses are encouraged to age. As a person grows older, they typically do so with increased wisdom and a better understanding of what is important in life. Fine… Read more »

C4 (84-96)

C4, C5, and C6 Interior Squeaks

  By Chris Petris   While plastic certainly has its merits in our modern society, it can be problematic when it is used extensively in automotive interiors. Temperature extremes, excessively bumpy roads, and improper removal/reinstallation are the biggest factors that can cause annoying interior component squeaks. 1984-1989 Corvettes are arguably the worst affected, with later… Read more »

C5 (97-04)

C5 Horn Switch Fix

  By Chris Petris Petris Enterprises   Do you have a C5 with a horn that no longer functions, or worse, one that blows continuously? Your local GM dealership will probably provide you with a quote of $900+ for an airbag assembly to remedy the problem. That’s a lot of money to fix a horn!… Read more »

C5 (97-04)

Corvette Online and Project Y2k: Stage 1 & 2 Upgrades

What follows has been reprinted with permission from Corvette Online. Written by Paul Huizenga For a significant number of Corvette owners, the car as delivered from the factory is as good as it can possibly be – they go to great lengths to preserve originality and maintain their Vette exactly as it was when it… Read more »

C5 (97-04)

1997-2011 Corvette exhaust system installation

  By Chris Petris   The fifth and sixth generation Corvettes are engineering masterpieces. As the first Corvette built for comfortable extended highway travel, the C5 Corvette has plenty of power and torque with excellent fuel economy, and the C6 continues to improve the breed. Accolades aside, the stock exhaust systems leave a lot to… Read more »