Corvette Central Project Split Mod, Part IV: Engine considerations

Corvette Central’s Split Mod chassis will be headed to the 2012 Corvette Expo (Houston, Texas) in February. To bring you up to speed, the 1963 split-window coupe had no engine or transmission when it was rescued. The severely rotted chassis has been replaced, and now we are working on the drivetrain. Corvette Central had a complete 1986 Corvette convertible L-98 engine and transmission assembly stored away, making it a perfect candidate for Project Split Mod. The 700R4 transmission that was coupled to the L-98 was mothballed to be used for a later project. Gear changes would be transmitted through a Keisler Engineering RS400 five speed overdrive transmission. There were many reasons for the engine choice, other than the fact it was sitting in storage waiting for someone to use it. Aesthetics were a concern, what with all the recent LS engine transplants under the hood of early Corvettes. It made sense to have a traditional look. (more…)

Corvette Central Project Split Mod, Part III: Chassis Assembly

We left off with the Project Split Mod body on a dolly for transport to the body shop and a severely rusted frame. Much has happened since our kick-off of the Project. The body was dropped off at the body shop for all the necessary repairs and painting. We now have a rolling chassis ready for body installation. We mentioned about all the severe rust the frame and chassis pieces had endured. It just made good sense to hang new and or remanufactured parts on our Impact Restorations supplied 1963 frame. Why fight the really difficult to remove original parts off the crusty original frame? The original rusty parts will be used for documenting correct parts. (more…)


Corvette Central Project Split Mod: Part I

Corvette projects are something many car guys consider doing at some point in the future. Some enjoy just being a part of any restoration project, watching the process from conception to completion. Corvette Central has been a huge part of the restoration hobby for many years and has been instrumental in manufacturing previously discontinued Corvette parts. One of their specialties is exhaust systems that they manufacture in house. The exhaust kits are ready to go with all the factory bends and original looks. With the myriad of parts available, Corvette Central wanted an opportunity to show customers what they supply in person. What better way than to have rolling live Corvette projects on display? This is where Chris Petris and the guys at Corvette Central come together.


Corvette Central announces alliance with the Registry of Corvette Race Cars.

Lineup at Monterey Historics

Corvette race fans take note!  Corvette Central is pleased to announce an alliance with the Registry of Corvette Race Cars (RCRC).  The RCRC was formed to “…preserve the heritage of Corvette race cars that keeps the Corvette legend alive”.  The organization maintains an active registry of all Corvette race cars, from C1 through C6, in various racing series, including but not limited to the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA), Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA), Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and many others. (more…)