Corvette Central Project Split Mod: Part I

Corvette projects are something many car guys consider doing at some point in the future. Some enjoy just being a part of any restoration project, watching the process from conception to completion. Corvette Central has been a huge part of the restoration hobby for many years and has been instrumental in manufacturing previously discontinued Corvette parts. One of their specialties is exhaust systems that they manufacture in house. The exhaust kits are ready to go with all the factory bends and original looks. With the myriad of parts available, Corvette Central wanted an opportunity to show customers what they supply in person. What better way than to have rolling live Corvette projects on display? This is where Chris Petris and the guys at Corvette Central come together.


Corvette Central’s Cutaway Car Unveiled

Corvette Central unveiled their “Cutaway Corvette”  during Corvettes at Carlisle August 27-29, 2010.  The car, a red 1988 with the TPI 5.7 and 4-speed automatic, was developed in cooperation with Petris Enterprises in Scottsboro, AL.  A majority of inner and outer trim panels have been removed in order to see the cars components up close.  Corvette Cutaway features OEM equipment, as well as replacement and performance parts offered by Corvette Central.  The car is able to be driven and will be used for seminars and events.

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