Updating the Cooling System for LS Power

LS swaps are one of the hottest things going in the automotive aftermarket, and that includes shoehorning them into Corvettes that rolled out of St. Louis thirty or forty years before the LS1 debuted in 1997. Powerful, lightweight, and relatively drama-free, the ultra-efficient LS engines make big-block power out of a small-block package and get ridiculously high gas mileage. They have no right to be this good…but they are. Fitting one into an early Corvette is easy; there’s plenty of room in Sharks and Midyears to accommodate the compact package, and engine mount adaptors are readily available to bolt it in place. Wiring can be as easy or complicated as you want to make it, and plumbing the fuel system is relatively straightforward. But adding serious LS package power also means beefing up virtually every other system on the car, including the all-important cooling system. (more…)


C5/C6/C7 Engine Cleaning

Whether prepping your Corvette to roll across the auction block or display at a show, cleaning the engine adds value. A spotless engine shows just how important and well maintained is your Corvette. Filthy engines are more apt to retain heat and make it difficult to detect small leaks. Dirt and dust cause pulleys and belts to squeak from undue wear. Worst of all, it just looks bad. (more…)

C3 Radiator Core Support Installation


The radiator core support has two functions: radiator placement and front end support. Weakened core supports allow the nose of your Corvette to droop, increasing the gap between the upper part of front fender and the door. When that occurs, stress is placed on the inner fenders. Before the core support project begins, a thorough inspection of the attaching hardware and cushions is in order. We’re working with a rough but fairly original car, so we were careful to save the hardware and as many O.E. pieces as possible. (more…)