C2 Production Numbers


This week we’ll continue our Corvette production numbers series with a look at the “mid-years”, those cars produced between 1963 and 1967. These cars are the first Corvettes to feature independent rear suspension, optional 4-wheel disc brakes, a big-block engine option and the use of the “Stingray” designation, among other innovations. Their limited production years and captivating design have sent resale and auction prices into the stratosphere. Here are the C2 production numbers:

Model Year Coupe Convertible Hardtop Total
1963 10594 10919 0 21513
1964 8304 13925 0 22229
1965 8186 15376 0 23562
1966 9958 17762 0 27720
1967 8504 14436 0 22940
TOTAL 117,964

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  1. I’m wondering how many 1964 roadsters, black soft top, white hard top, white exterior, red leather interior, 327ci. 365hp.,4speed, no ps., no pb, no ac., am-fm radio, clock, special brakes, regular fuel tank, where produce?

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