cooling tech

Tech Tips: Cooling

Keeping your Corvette’s engine cool, especially during summer temperatures or performance runs, can make the difference between cruising along the coastline in comfort or walking along the roadside back home. We’ve assembled some common steps below to help maintain your vehicle for those long runs on sunny days. Confirm gauge reading Have you confirmed your […]

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gas mask

Is Your Corvette Gassy?

A look at the enigmatic Evaporative Emission Control System… Does your garage reek of gasoline fumes? Seldom-noticed parts in your Corvette make your garage smell better and make the air cleaner. The Evaporation Emission Control system, EVAP or EEC, also called Evaporation Control System, ECS, became a part of many car’s inner workings in 1970. […]

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upgrade kit

Adding Electric Windows to a C3

Adding electric windows is one of the easier upgrades that can make the C3 a little more user-friendly. Although somewhat labor intensive, since it was a factory option, both the mechanical and electric parts of conversion are a bolt-in proposition. There’s no fab work required: no welding, drilling holes through the firewall, or trying to […]

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