C4 Corvette Cutaway Car Parts Gallery

When the fourth generation Corvette was introduced in 1984, many innovative build techniques were implemented. Early Corvette amenities were becoming standard equipment while new options filled every available inch of dash space. The 1984-1989 C4 dash had more modules and controllers to integrate behind an already tight dash area. 1990-1996 Corvettes added more modules along with airbags to the already restricted dash space.

After years of working with C4’s, it was apparent that any one without good information would have a difficult time diagnosing electrical issues. Repairing would also be difficult because many internal dash components can not be seen. For example, anyone that has had the daunting task of replacing a heater core in a C4 knows how tough the dashboard is to work on.

C4 body and chassis construction was another area that was new to the automotive industry. Stranded fiberglass body panels were no longer used, as Sheet Molded Composite (SMC) panels were implemented. The SMC panels were similar in construction with the exception of two epoxy panels sandwiched as a mat material. In this application, the epoxy panels and mat are pressed under high pressure in a mold to form body panels. Chassis and body are then integrated as uni-body construction, requiring different repair techniques for both body and chassis. We often wondered if anyone at GM had to replace a taillight bulb or service an antenna.

7 thoughts to “C4 Corvette Cutaway Car Parts Gallery”

  1. Great idea, perhaps photos should be not as close to the component in order to see where they are it. For instance the signal flasher and the Bose relay looks accessable but you have to take half the dash out to get to it. It looks too easy,believe me it ain’t.
    Used to work with cutaways in my Detoit Days and it can be difficult to keep from cutting too much away.

  2. I have a red ’88 identical to your project cutup one. I suffered a Stroke in late 2007. Prior to that, I did most of the work on it. I can no longer do that; but what an awesome tool, being able to see the internals, the intricate workings of so many of the areas that drove me crazy trying to figure how it all went together. Well done, and I’m sure thanks from owners of C-4s who will find it invaluable.

  3. I recently purchased a 1984 and had no idea where some of these items were located. Thanks for the cut away it helped me a lot and I have put this gallery in a folder.

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