C4-C6 Corvette Tire Fitment Guide

For your convenience, below are the published OEM front and rear tire sizes and speed ratings for every Corvette produced between 1984 and 2013.

Use this example to decipher the letter and number designations in any tire:

P265/35ZR18 (93Y)

P = Passenger tire

265 = cross section width of tire in millimeters

35 = sidewall height (measured as a percentage of tire’s section width, in this case 35%)

Z = maximum speed rating (V = 149 mph, Z = over 149 mph, W = 168 mph, Y = 186+ mph)

R = Radial construction

18 = diameter of wheel, in inches

93Y = service description.  This is the load index and speed rating required on all speed rated tires (except Z) since 1991.

Note that the EMT designation stands for Extended Mobility Technology, more commonly known as “run-flat” tires that can safely travel at low speed without air pressure.

Vehicle ModelCorvette Tire Sizes
GenerationModel YearOptionO.E. Front Tire SizeO.E. Rear Tire Size
C51997Std.P245/45ZR17/LL 89YP245/45ZR17/LL 89Y
1998-2000Std. EMTP245/45ZR17/LL 89YP275/40ZR18/LL 94Y
1999Hard Top EMTP225/50R17/LL 93HP245/50R17 98H
2001-2004Std. EMTP245/45ZR17/LL 89YP275/40ZR18/LL 94Y
200350th Anniv. EMTP245/45ZR17/LL 89YP275/40ZR18/LL 94Y
Z06P265/40ZR17/LL 91YP295/35ZR18/LL 91Y
C62005Std./Z51 EMTP245/45ZR18/LL 88YP285/35ZR19/LL 90Y
2006-2008Coupe/Conv. EMTP245/45ZR18/LL 88YP285/35ZR19/LL 90Y
Z06P265/35ZR18 (93Y)P325/30ZR19 (101Y)
Z06 EMTP275/35ZR18/LL 87YP325/30ZR19/LL 94Y
2009ZR1 ZPP285/30ZR19/LL 87YP335/25R20/LL 94Y
2010+Grand Sport275/35ZR18325/30ZR19
2011+Z06 w/Z07285/30ZR19335/25ZR20

58 thoughts to “C4-C6 Corvette Tire Fitment Guide”

  1. I have a 2009 corvette base. I want to run a tire with the same outer diameter as my factory 285 35 19s on the rear, but I want to run a 17 inch wheel. Will the 17 inch wheel fit? My car doesn’t have the Z51 brakes on it.

    1. We don’t offer anything smaller than an 18″ wheel for the C6 cars. If the 17″ wheel you choose is offset properly, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

  2. My 86 Vet has the original 255/50 R16 tires – would 225/60 R16 be OK? Will they fit rims & have much difference in handling? Thanks..

    1. I would recommend sticking with the factory size tires. Going with a smaller tire like so will take away from how they handle in the corners.

  3. I have a 90 Corvette with Z51 Suspension. What is the largest wheel diameter I can run without adapters? What would be the best wheel and tire size? I see a lot of Vettes run a larger wheel on the rear but then there’s no tire rotating especially with directional tires. Right now my car has ZR1 wheels I believe are 17 x 9.5 … will I be running the same (for example, 18 x 10) all the way around or what?

  4. Have 2012 grand sport convertible Chrome rims would like to know if 2009 zr1 rims front and back would fit my car?

  5. I have a 2004 Corvette base. If I put 18″ wheels on the front, versus stock 17″, how much will it change the speedometer and will I have clearance problems? Can the speed sensors be re-programed to accommodate the 18″ wheels?

  6. I’m looking to buy some wider rear tires for a 2010 ZR1. What would you suggest? I’m most likely putting on drag radials.

  7. Can I put a 245 50R16 on a 255 50 R 16 corvette rim? I just need to move it around because I’m dropping a motor in.

  8. I have a 95 Corvette convertible and bought some rims years ago. Those rims are 9.5 X 17 and 11 X 17. Are those for the ZR 1? Will they fit on my convertible? I know that stock rim would have been 8.5 X 17 and 9.5 X 17. I don’t want to buy tires for those rims if the wheels won’t fit!

  9. I have a 2007 C6 Z51 base coupe. I’m interested in what options I may have for wheel/tire upgrades as I want to fit wider tires.
    What are the widest tires I can run with stock wheels? 18×8 1/2 and 19×10
    If I upgrade to 18×9 1/2 and 19×11’s what is the widest tire you recommend?
    If I upgrade to 19×9 1/2 and 20×11’s what is the widest tire You recommend?
    What offsets do I need for these wheel upgrades?

  10. I have a 2009 251 vette that I need to buy a set of rims for. Love the stock rims but need a set of rims and tires for the track. I was told that if 17″ rims will fit all the way around the tires are between $70 to $100 cheaper (track tires). Will 17″ rims fit and are the tires any cheaper?

  11. Found out that micheline pilot tires are not available . What tires are others using for their c5 corvette and are you running run flats?

  12. I have an 85 corvette that someone put a body kit on so that the extra brake light is above the corvette tag and square tail lights. They also slapped some 17 x 9.5 saw blades on. I have found some black five spoke gs rims with nito nr555 something like that. They are nt555r 305/45/r18.Corvette Grand Sport 18×9.5 40 offset. Do ya think there’s some room left under there for these bad boys.

    1. So i looked up cctechs answer to the fella wanting to know about 92 rims on his 84. I found two rims at 18×9.5 40 offset that fit according to corvette centrals c-4 wheel section 84 – 2013

    1. I have 17 inch saw blades with 275/45/r17s on an 85. Std. For 84-87 is 255/55/r16. I think the saw blades are from that era

  13. I have a ’99 C5 convertible, 6 speed w/3.42 ratio. Want to upgrade to newer factory rims, say from the C6 series, as an example, 18 and 19 size. What factory 18/19 rims will fit my car w/o any modifications, spacers, etc? With the larger wheel diameters, are the overall tire/rim diameters close? If not is there a way to easily adjust the speedo calibration? (Are there any 19/20 factory rims that fit per above?) Will the C6 TPMS units work with my electronics?

  14. My 96 C4 convertible originally came with Goodyear 40ZR, which I was planning on replacing with the same tire, but is there another tire you might recommend that still gives me the same performance but is a quieter tire. We are only summer drivers.

    1. I replaced my 4 hard as a rock low miles NITTOS with Continental Extreme Contact tires. Huge difference in ride and noise.

  15. Can you place smaller tires on a C6 grand sport? Or would that require new wheels? Looking to purchase a 2010 GS, but I need to find a reasonable tire size solution, as I can’t afford $1800.00/yr on tires. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Is it a Coupe or ZR1? The Coupes came with 275s and the ZR1s came with 315s. If it’s a coupe, you may have some issues getting them to fit, depending on your wheel offset.

    1. C6 (coupe/vert):
      Front 18×8.5″, 56mm offset = 7.45″ backspace
      Rear 19×10″, 79mm offset = 8.61″ backspace

      C6 Z06 and C6 GrandSport:
      Front 18×9.5″, 40mm offset = 7.22″ backspace
      Rear 19×12″, 59mm offset = 8.82″ backspace

      C6 wheel circle:
      5 on 4.75″ (120.65MM)

      2014 C7 Stingray Corvette – OEM Stock Wheel Sizes & Offsets
      Base Model:
      Front Wheels: 18″ x 8.5″ +56mm offset = 7.45″ backspace
      Rear Wheels: 19″ x 10″ +79mm offset = 8.61″ backspace

      With Z51 Package:
      Front Wheels: 19″ x 8.5″ +56mm offset = 7.45″ backspace
      Rear Wheels: 20″ x 10″ +79mm offset = 8.61″ backspace

  16. I have a 1994 convertible with 17 x 9.5 five spoke wheels ,will a grand sport 17×11 with a 50mm off set and 315 rear tires be OK for the rear ? And do you sell the wheels ? In silver

    1. Sorry those would not fit. You’re out of luck with that size wheel on that model. Chevrolet changed the lug bolt and spindle size for that year model only. Not sure why they would do that for one year. Only other wheel I’ve seen fit that Vette is the 99 Cavalier R, a European model that was imported for two years only. Best of luck.

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