Corvette Central C1 Dash Insert Overview

Ever since they were designed into the 1958 Corvette, passenger side dash inserts have been a somewhat of a headache for Corvette owners. The OEM inserts were subject to damage that the rest of the interior could generally resist. In a short time span, these inserts became dinged, dented or scratched, making the dash of C1 Corvettes look years older than they were. While aluminum dash inserts have been available for many years, the installation has always been time consuming and difficult…

…until now, that is! Corvette Central has all of the well-received, U.S. made C1 aluminum insert and insert assemblies, for 1958 Corvettes with white letters, 1959 with black letters and the 1960-62 versions with red and blue bars. The balance of the parts on the dash insert come from overseas with the assembly work completed (as always) by Corvette Central. C1 owners now have the luxury of replacing their dash inserts at any time.

Corvette Central Founder and CEO Jerry Kohn explains the dash insert restoration process in the video below.

Following are links to all Corvette Central C1 dash inserts and dash insert assemblies currently available. Order yours today!

Item #251224. 1958 insert with white letters

Item #251025. 1958 insert assembly with white letters

Item #251225. 1959 dash insert with black letters

Item #251146. 1959 dash insert assembly with black letters

Item #251226. 1960-62 dash insert with pre-punched bar holes

Item #251228. 1960-62 dash insert, with bar holes, red and blue bars and mounting nuts

Item #251193. 1960-62 insert assembly with black letters, red and blue bars

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  1. How do I gain excess to my horn/theft relay or replace if blown? I’ve try looking as the owners described but still unsure.

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