door hinge spring

C3 Door Hinge Spring Installation

To keep your doors in the open position, replace broken springs. And to make the job easier, use the handy installation tool for an easy 10 minute installation.

closed hinge
Here’s a close up of the bottom of the installed spring. Notice how the end rests in the notch.

lower angle
Here’s another view of the spring from a lower angle. The wheels don’t actually touch the spring except when the hinge is in the open position. Notice the 2 notches it rests in. When installed the spring is under twisting pressure and pushes against the sides of the notches which holds it in place.

When installing, drop this loop as far down as possible to allow the other end to clear the rollers.
This is a close-up of the top of the installed spring.

This is the closed left top hinge and spring viewed as if from outside the door.


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