shift knob

1984-1996 Shift Knob Removal and Installation

Tools Required: Small flat screwdriver, snap ring pliers, safety glasses
Wear safety glasses during this installation, particularly in steps 2 and 5.

  1. Using the screwdriver, gently pry shift button and mounting clip up and out of shift knob to reveal shift lever rod.
  2. Looking down onto-shift lever rod, use snap-ring pliers to remove “C” snap ring. Keep one hand free to grasp the snap ring immediately upon removal as this spring-steel snap ring is prone to taking flight!
  3. Remove shift knob by pulling upward on knob. Note: Knob may be seated very tightly, continue to wiggle the knob while pulling upward.
  4. Install new shift knob, using heavy downward force to properly seat the new knob, so that snap ring channel on shift lever rod is in view.
  5. Carefully reinstall snap ring. (Hint: Using snap ring pliers, spread snap ring apart then cup your hand around the snap ring and shift knob opening in case the snap ring slips off the pliers.)
  6. Reinstall button and mounting clip. With engine off, turn key to “Accessories” position to check operation of shifter in all gears. (Do not start vehicle.) If shifter will not come out of Park, the shift knob is not seated, return to step 4.

Corvette Central Parts List:
#534274 : Corvette Shifter Knob
#534281 : Shifter Nob Button
#534266 : Shifter Knob Ring
#534244 : Shifter Knob Button Retainer
#104377 : Internal/External Snap Ring/C-Clip Pliers

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