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This week we’re reviewing production numbers for the C5 Corvette, produced between 1997-2004. The development of this car and the engineers and stylists behind it are discussed in the book All Corvettes Are Red, a must-read for any C5 fan.

The C5 continued GM’s mission to constantly improve every aspect of performance, quality and functionality in its halo sports car. The 5th generation marked the return of three distinct body styles: coupe, convertible and hard top (aka fixed roof coupe), the latter being the basis for the Z06 track terror that was introduced in 2001. The Corvette team was given a clean slate to design the new car, resulting in innovations like a rear mounted transaxle for better weight distribution, different diameter wheels (front/rear) and, for the first time since 1962, a trunk in the convertible and hardtop that could easily accommodate a full size golf club bag. Last but not least, the LS series of engines made their debut in the C5’s, ranging from 345HP in the base model to 405HP in the later Z06 models.

Notable C5 Corvettes include the 50th Anniversary model, the 1998 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car, the Fixed Roof Coupe of 1999-2000 and 24 Hours of LeMans Commemorative Edition (pictured).

Model Year Coupe Convertible Hardtop/Z06 Total
1997 9752 9752
1998 19235 11849 31084
1999 18078 11161 4031 33270
2000 18113 13479 2090 33682
2001 15681 14173 5773 35627
2002 14760 12710 8297 35767
2003 12812 14022 8635 35469
2004 16165 12216 5683 34064

TOTAL 248,715

12 thoughts to “C5 Production Numbers”

    1. There were 1,663 MY convertibles in 2002. According to the Corvette Black Book the only available interior color for the Millennium Yellow cars was black, there was no Torch Red used on the Millennium Yellow in this year.

  1. It is written that the first 200 Covettes C5s produced in 1997 were all painted red, I have the 50th car off the production line, and it is a Black on Black Six Speed?

  2. How do I find the production number on my car? It is an Anniversary edition and I have an overwhelming information sheet from the National Corvette Museum – that honestly I do not fully understand.

      1. have a 2000 convt, bowling green metalic, white roof, grey leather int., 6 speed, heads up inst., magniesium upgrade wheels, six disc changer, power locks and seats. All stock, trying to see how many were produced. Thanks

  3. Anyone know production numbers for medium spiral gray colored C5s? Don’t see many at all. Thanks!

  4. How is the z06 front fender emblem put on at the factory? How do they line it up? Does it have placement holes, or are they just eyeballed? It seems that they all tilt up towards the front compared to how the body sits. I know most old cars used to have holes so emblems looked even,now it seems they are all over the place.

  5. I have a 99 Hardtop. I was wondering were I could find exactly how many were optioned like my car in the same color if at all possible.

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