New from Corvette Central: 1958-61 Corvette Front Fender Side Chrome Moldings

Customers that have purchased  new side chrome moldings for their 1958 through 1961 Corvettes over the years are probably well aware of their challenging fit issues.  Corvette Central has decided to produce our own versions of the side chrome that meet our quality standards, and we think that you will be pleased with the results.  Our left or right specific versions ensure correct fit.  Part numbers 331230L for left side, 331230R for right side.  Order your set today!

Corvette Central version, part number 331230L. This molding is being held in place by three clips. No pressure was applied to achieve this fit.



The hardest part was getting the trim out to the position of the wheel house curve. We stayed on it until it was just right.



Our competition’s left side version. The molding is seriously unbent (and this is the good side).



Corvette Central part 331230R. If you look closely, you can see the marking “SAMPLE #5” (i.e. the 5th try was the charm). The molding is simply sitting on the fender. No bending, twisting or cutting was necessary.



Chrome Molding Close
Close up of Corvette Central part 331230R.



Paragon Close 1 resized
The competition’s right side. This molding is more severely unbent than the left side.



Paragon Miss Resized
Competition’s right side. Note that the molding is hanging over the edge of the body by about 3/16″.



Hole edit
This pair of competitor’s moldings were returned to us by a customer. There is no way anyone could install this on a car. Inset: We’re not sure what could be done about this without destroying paintwork.



Paragon End resized
Competitor’s molding. We guess “too short” is the next best thing to getting it right.

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