C6 Front Side Marker Installation


Article courtesy of GS Creations, LLC

Tools Needed:

  1. To remove the front OEM side makers, turn wheel all the way to allow access to the fender liner screws.
  2. For Years 2005-2007 Remove the 5 screws holding the fender cover on. To remove the 5 screws you will need a Torx T15 bit as shown below or a small flat head screw driver. (For 2008+ you will have the little expansion type pins. There will be a round center “pin” which sits inside a larger expanding base. You can slide a small screwdriver or diagonal cutting pliers under the top of the center pin where those two little indentations are. The center pin will pop up so you can pull it out, and then the base will come right out.) Then you will be able to pull the fender cover out a bit and reach your arm inside the bumper, pinch the clips together and push out on the side marker to pop it out.
  3. Remove the light attached by wire by twisting it out.
  4. Put the light in your new clear side marker housings and twist in. If you are replacing the stock bulb with our LED’s please be sure to turn the lights on before you put everything back together to test you have it in correct. If it doesn’t light up take the new led out and turn it around. They will only light up if installed one way.
  5. Pop your new clear side marker into place and replace the 5 screws you just removed.

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