Discover Your Corvette’s Birthday

Have you ever wondered when your Corvette rolled off the assembly line? Our new tool can tell you with a great degree of accuracy.

By cross referencing the model, year and identification VIN # from your vehicle, the calculator is able to determine your C1 (53-62), C2 (63-67) or C3 (68-82) Corvette’s “born on” date.

Using the tool is simple. Just select your year from the drop down option list, then enter the last five digits of your vehicle’s VIN, and press the Calculate button. Instantaneously, the screen will update to show you the approximate date your Corvette was introduced to the world. If you’re lucky enough to own two Corvettes, simply reload the page in your browser to reset the calculator.


When you know the build date of your Corvette, you can find the proper dated parts, such as engine, generators, alternators, soft top, and hardtop. All glass is date-coded as well. Typically these items were manufactured 1-6 months before your car was assembled.

It’s also kind of fun to know the assembly date, or to possibly find out your Corvette has the same birthday as you!

Now that you know when your Corvette was born, feel free to celebrate! Bake it a cake…or at least take it for a spin around the block. Be sure to share your car’s birthday on Facebook and Twitter, too. You never know when a long lost relative might send a greeting card.

The Corvette Birthday Calculator script is courtesy Rob Musquetier of IT·CAP & NCRS

2 thoughts on “Discover Your Corvette’s Birthday

  1. Thank You Corvette Central for this great tool. I was able to find the date for all three: 1964, 1969 and 1977. We always talk about “Correct Numbers”; now they truly have meaning.

  2. Instructions on how to refurbish 65 glove box. Paint recommended, take apart glove box stainless from frame and reassembly.

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