2005-07 Corvette Roof Panel Recall


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that GM is recalling 22,090 C6 Corvettes that have the optional removable roof panel.  The recall concerns a failing adhesive that secures the outer portion of the roof panel to the roof frame.  The recall will correct problems associated with the roof panel, including water leakage, increased wind noise, poor fit, and, in extreme cases, complete separation of the panel.

The recall, which starts in January, applies to 2005-2007 Corvettes and 2006-2007 Z06 Corvettes.  If you own one of these cars, please contact Chevrolet (1-800-630-2438, www.gmownercenter.com) or your Chevrolet dealer’s service department for more information.  The GM recall number is 090230.

8 thoughts to “2005-07 Corvette Roof Panel Recall”

  1. Tim –

    Have you tried the 800 number listed above? The campaign was supposed to start in January but perhaps they are delayed for some reason. Wish we could be of more assistance here.

  2. I’ve been waiting patiently for my recall notification from GM. No news, no updates. Dealer service center, doesn’t know anything more than us owners. What’s the deal.

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