1963-64 Disc Brake Upgrade Hood Clearance Solution

For a lot of our 1963-64 Corvette customers, upgrading to 4-wheel disc brakes (our kit for 1963 here, 1964-65 here) is a no-hassle solution for improved braking performance. However, we’ve received information from some customers who have installed our kit on their Corvettes stating that there may be interference between the 9″ power booster and the hood reinforcement webbing.

Corvette Central customer Harold Westfall developed an easy fix for those who may encounter this problem: “I found out that placing 1/2” spacers behind

the top straps (where the power brake booster bolts to the firewall) tipped the master cylinder down enough for the hood to close properly.”

Thanks for the tip, Harold!

One thought to “1963-64 Disc Brake Upgrade Hood Clearance Solution”

  1. forget the vacuum assist cannister…use hydraboost instead…then the power/engine upgrades that don’t make enuf vacuum anyway are solved…

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