Corvette Central Deluxe 1956-62 Gas Tank Kit

gas tank

Time may heal all wounds, but it’s hellishly hard on automobiles. These depredations tend to fall into two categories: those arising from the inevitable effects of the aging process, and those inflicted—whether intentionally or not—by one or more of the vehicle’s owners over the course of its life. While the Corvette’s fiberglass skin confers some measure of immunity to the former, the vintage-Vette market is rife with cars still suffering the effects of poorly executed body modifications and other “custom” work performed throughout the years.

More info on our 1956-62 Gas Tank Kit here.

One thought on “Corvette Central Deluxe 1956-62 Gas Tank Kit

  1. I have just completed installing your “Deluxe Gas Tank kit”(361022 61E) into my 61, I put in 5 Gallons of gas and went for a short drive down the street and back. When I got back I found fuel had leaked out of the filler neck into the filler recess. I have tried different caps but I now believe it is leaking between the press on adapter top and the filler neck tube. Have you encountered this before? If it leaks now with only a small amount of gas I am concerned how much it will leak when the tank is full. The original filler neck top appears to crimped/welded on, whereas the repro appears to just press on. Can you offer any advise on how to stop the filler neck tube from leaking.

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