Corvette Cooling System

yb.dllBy Chris Petris

As summer approaches and temperatures soar to record highs, we would like to focus on your Corvette’s cooling system. Although it may seem more important to check the A/C system to keep you cool, you also need to make sure the cooling system is working properly for optimum A/C performance. As engine temperatures increase, A/C performance is affected adversely.

There are a few things that every Corvette owner should check annually to determine if further maintenance is necessary. 53-82 Corvettes have a basic cooling system in which radiator cooled air flows through the grille opening. Obvious large road debris should be removed from the front of the radiator. A garden hose can be directed through the radiator from the fan side of the radiator to flush out debris and dirt that has accumulated.

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C1 and C2 Corvette Cigarette Lighter Alert


We recently discovered a change by GM (and part manufacturer CASCO) in their cigarette lighter housing that could cause 1966 and older Corvettes to short out and burn their wiring harness.  The change is a small bi-metal element added to the rear of the housing where the power wire connects.  It was added because of the frequent use of the lighter housing to power items like CB radios, coolers, cell phones and the like.  If the use is extended, the electrical thaw heat build-up should cause the bi-metal element to move, short the lighter, and blow the fuse — the intended purpose.  The problem is that 1966 and older Corvettes DO NOT have a fuse for the lighter.  The result of overloading a non-fused lighter is a dead short in the hot side of the harness, potentially resulting in minor to major harness damage.

The fix is very easy; simply remove the bi-metal element in the rear of the housing.  This should also serve as a warning to owners of 1966 and older Corvettes to not use the lighter socket for extended periods of time, as this could cause heat buildup that could damage a wiring harness.  The original GM part number for the lighter housing is 3986869, replaced by 11516142.  Virtually every Corvette parts supplier uses this same housing, so any owner of a 1966 or older Corvette should check the housing and remove the bi- metal element if present.

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Great Sound for Solid Axle Corvettes


We furnished a pair of our Direct Fit Magnaflow mufflers to one of our restoration shop customers who was trying to satisfy his customer’s request. He has a 62 FI solid axle car and wanted a real muscle car sound. They were very happy with the mellow performance sound and have since installed them on additional C1’s. More info about the C1 Magnaflow mufflers can be found here.

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Ring and Apparel Sizing Charts

Use these handy sizing charts when ordering rings or apparel from our online Accessories & Apparel catalog. Browse Corvette Central’s full line of accessory items for your C1 – C7 Corvette. We have everything you might need or want to keep your Corvette in great shape, while keeping you in style. Whether you are looking for a car cover or a sweatshirt, Corvette Central has it all.

Ring Sizes

Men’s Jacket Sizes

Women’s Jacket Sizes

Cutter & Buck Sizing Chart

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