4 thoughts on “C7 Production Numbers

  1. I own a 2000 Corvette. My ABS and traction control (I have active handling) light stays on and needs a new EBCM with pump. I was told Chevy no longer makes replacement EBCMs. Do you know how hard it is to find a part, and then pay anywhere from $2200-$4300 for used! I am really taken back because this is a supposed safety feature.

  2. Regarding the MagnaFlow 2 1/2″ mufflers (#322080) for 63-67 Corvettes. I have a 1963, 340 HP Vette with 2 1/2″ exhaust – will these mufflers bolt right in and do they have the welded on brackets for the rear hangers? Are there any sound clips of these mufflers?

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